Our 5 travel hacks

These clever little products are either items we've used that have made travelling easier, more enjoyable ot take up very little room.

Each one is either time saving, space saving, money saving, stress saving or given us great enjoyment and we hope they are ideas you may not have thought about!

You are welcome :)

#1 Packable day pack

You may move around every 4-5 days and for these journeys, you take your 18kg bag. But once you’re in situ you don’t want to be taking it every time you go for a walk, take an excursion, go shopping or you’ll have to empty the contents of it everytime and then re-pack before you go.

That’s why these little 18litre packs , that are packable and waterproof (to keep your sandwiches dry) are great bit of kit to take away.

#2 Packing cubes

We can’t tell you how much stress these have saved. We have 3 each. One for main clothes, one for under wear and one for electrical items. That odd sock always finds it’s way to the bottom of the backpack! It also makes unpacking and packing much easier.

#3 Carabiner

No, these are not for rock climbing and you certainly don’t need climbing grade ones for what we use them for. These little things are so useful for clipping items to your pack that you need instant access to and also attaching item that don’t fit - great way of cheating the baggage rules ;)

#4 Zip lock bags

May think this is a strange one, but these actually are the best travel hack! They’re useful for freezing or cooling yesterday’s meal, a sandwich bag, travel bin, make shift toiletry bag, keeping your soap from leaking all over your bag or first aid… you get it, they take up no room and are super useful and cheap!

#5 Multi-functional headband

Another item which has multiple purposes. Can be used as a neck warmer, face cover in the cold, over your eyes as a sleep mask, hair band (to cover up a bad hair day), under a hat for extra warmth or as a sweat band… also takes up very little room. A must for travel across different climates (top knot optional).

And that completes our 'hacks' for travelling. I hope they've been useful and thrown up some ideas you may not have thought of.

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