Must take travel clothes

Now I understand that clothing is very much down to taste and trend. I don't feel qualified nor do I wish to advise on these and for that you should be grateful.

However I do have experience to advise what clothing you should definitely take and what we would recommend and use to at least give you an idea (colour, style and brand to taste).

#1 Walking shoes/trainers

This is obviously dependent on where and when you are travelling, so you need to pay attention to the terrain where you are going and the weather. For us, having a shoe that is adaptable i.e. can wear out to a restaurant but can also wear trekking and in snow shoes has been essential, almost having like 3 shoes in one. We’ve needed a good firm sole to the shoe, with grip that you can also walk into a restaurant in a city in. See what you think to these

#2 YUEDGE Walking Socks

There are plenty of walking socks about but we’ve found these cheap but very effective. Really comfy and seem to keep Stu’s feet from smelling. Definitely recommend and works out at £4 a pair.

#3 Multi-functional headband

Another item which has multiple purposes. Can be used as a neck warmer, face cover in the cold, over your eyes as a sleep mask, hair band (to cover up a bad hair day), under a hat for extra warmth or as a sweat band… also takes up very little room. A must for travel across different climates.

#4 Under Armour Cold Compression Long Sleeve Top and Bottom

Compact and lightweight, we swear by this brand to keep you warm. You can wear under almost anything. You will thank us when you’re hiking, it’s blowing a gale and your proverbials are warm.

#5 Waterproof trousers

Easy to clean, fit in your pack and keep your legs dry and mud free. What else do you need. We use these ones

#6 Padded Jacket

Mountain Warehouse do a good padded jacket for a very fair price. We’ve bought this one and used it in Patagonia at temperatures below minus and not been found wanting. Also good at keeping out tropical rain ;) You can spend alot of money on a jacket but we think this one is great, especially for the money.

There it is our essentials clothing. I hope you've found it useful. We'd appreciate any feedback directly to

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