Where our journey began!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Our journey actually began a couple of years ago…

When we turned 30, we thought we’d turn the corner, grow up, mature and start a family.

This milestone quickly approached and as we got closer, we still felt like something was missing…

On the outside, it may have seemed like we were all setup! We had 2 very good jobs which we’d worked hard to get and develop in. Sarah a Foundation Teacher in a school where she is loved and respected and I worked for a professional Football Club, a dream job. On top of this, we had just moved out of the city and bought ‘the forever home’ with a big back garden, 3 double bedrooms, a gym room in a quiet little village. I was also the proud owner of a Competition Orange Ford Mustang (my dream car). However, something still wasn’t right.

Sadly in 2015, just before we got married, Sarah’s dad, Alan, was diagnosed with cancer and after a brave 2 year battle we lost him in April 2017. Alan had worked hard all his life, built up a successful company and was planning his retirement. As you can imagine there were many emotions at the time he passed and in fact there still are, but one that stands out is injustice, to not being able to experience his retirement the way many do. If anything positive did come from this time, it was the fresh perspective this gave us both on life.

Working 9 to 5, paying a mortgage and having several other responsibilities* we could have easily sailed into parenthood but this fresh perspective made us realise we had an opportunity that we had to grab with both hands. 

It has not been plain sailing getting to this point but this where our journey began and we’re excited to share with you the next chapter, we hope you enjoy!

PS. If you were wondering where the name for the blog comes from, it’s Alan. Sarah’s dad always used to call us JCs (short for JohnCock – our surname). So in honour we named it JCsGetFree.

*Guinea Pigs included. A lot of thanks to Sarah’s brother and our sister-in-law Katie for housing them

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