Paradise for £25

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

If I’d known 10 years ago you could travel for £25 per day, I’d have jumped on the back-packer wagon sooner! I always dreamt of travelling but immediately quashed the dream with the ‘I can’t afford that!’ mentality.

If I was to say I’m a ‘a happy go lucky guy’ who lives by the mantra ‘what will be will be’ I’d be lying. I’m a spreadsheet loving, cover angles, right brain thinker who loves a plan. Don’t get me wrong, I have fun and enjoy thrill seeking but it is not without some sort of due diligence.

So naturally, when my wife said to me ‘let’s go travelling’, I first experienced panic and then defaulted to research mode to manage the hysteria, with Microsoft excel, Skyscanner and Google quickly becoming my friends. 

To my great surprise my previous perception of travelling the world costing the earth (sorry my bad sense of humour) was wrong. I worked out it was actually cheaper to live in Rio, Buenos Aires, climb Machu Picchu and visit the great Salt Flats in Bolivia (avg. £48 per day) than it was to live in our 3 bed in Charnwood, Leicestershire (avg. £59 per day) – I know madness! Hard to believe me I know but when I was seeing flights to Rio from Gatwick for £160 each and accommodation for £7.50 each (with breakfast ;)), you can quickly see how I came to this conclusion.  

If maths is your thing, our annual living cost in our cozy 3-bed is £20,805 compared to £17,520 for the 2 of us to go travelling, that’s only £8,750 each! Once I came to this revelation, the next question for us and one we learnt from Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Great read by the way) was ‘How can we afford that?’ (to see how we afforded see Our 7 point master plan 😉 post).

Obviously, at the above costs, we’re not flying business and staying in 5 star luxury, all-inclusive hotels, but that doesn’t bother us. This is why in my short answer I use my disclaimer ‘No, it doesn’t have to be.’ but if luxury doesn’t matter to you and you want to do it on a budget, you can.

The purpose of this short blog is to dispel any myths around the cost of travelling, make it seem more doable and hopefully inspire more of you to down tools and try it! 

If you want to know how we’ve afforded it see the blog on 'Our 7 step plan'.

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