Buenos Aires: Our time and guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Our travels through Argentina took us to the capital... Buenos Aires. Named by the Spanish, it means 'Fair Weather' which is in ode to the safe passing the travellers had across the Atlantic when they landed on these shores.

This was one of the Cities we e most excited about with it's red wine, flare, steak and tango and it didn't disappoint.

We started our journey into BA through a walking tour of the City (an activity we both have found a new love for!). The City has around 500 years of written history with a very heavy European influence, as can be seen with some of the architecture. A few of the highlights and places we'd definitely recommend are the National House of Congress, Casa de Rosa (Presidential Palace) and the Catedral Metropolitana where guards still stand by San Martin's mausoleum (the Liberator of Argentina).

Obelisk marking the 400th year of the City. Inaugurated in 1936 this monument stands on one of the widest avenues in the World (Ave. 9 de Julio)

Sun setting over Plaza de Mayo - were Buenos Aires was declared as a CIty

Compared to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires is a small city and easy to get around by foot. We decided to set off on our own adventure taking in the Ecological Park which leads to estuary of Rio de La Plata, the infamous Recoleta Cemetery to visit Eva Peron's tomb (Evita) and a few other little gems which included El Ateneo Grand Splendid which is a grand theatre turned bookshop and San Telmo Market, a bustling indoor space where you can find trinkets, beer and food - well worth a visit!

El Ateneo Grand Splendid - when Buenos Aires does bookshops!

Our final day took us 'la Boca' an eclectic mix of colour, people and culture - also home to one of the most Iconic stadiums and teams in the world, La Bombonera and Boca juniors! This is where we got to experience Tango dancing in the street (we didn't have a go) and take a look inside the Stadium. I think 'La Boca' and the district is best represented through pictures.

The colourful 'la Boca' district

The colour from the street art in La Boca

la Bombonera Stadium, home of Boca Juniors

Adios Buenos Aires! Right, now for a 1.30am get up and our flight to the bottom of the World... Ushuaia! ✈🇦🇷🌎

4nts in Buenos Aires = £191

Flight to Ushuaia = £60

We really hope this blog inspires you to start your own adventure. We have shared our plan on how we managed it to hopefully help you on your journey

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