Around the world in 10kgs

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Most people think we're lying when we say we're travelling the World with just cabin baggage. We're struck with 'How do you cope?', 'How do you decide what to take?', 'What about your hair dryer?'

But actually there are more positives than negatives to only taking 10kgs of belongings.

1. Reduced Clutter

You realise actually how much you need. We clutter our lives with alot of sh*t and we don't realise, but removing this 'baggage' (sorry) and moving around only with the essentials is very liberating.

2. Save money

All travellers are looking to save money (without impacting experience obviously). Taking less baggage is a great way to achieve this. Each time you fly you save roughly £50pp in not having hold baggage. If you need anything you haven't been able to fit in, then just buy it. We saved roughly £300 in flights to Ushuaia (the Southern most city in World). Naturally it was feeezing when we arrived, so we needed more kit. We spent £70 on some warm clothing and we were set for our snow based adventures. With the money saved we went husky sledging.

3. Less decisions

You remove decisions of what to wear, what to take etc. Apparently we homeosapiens have to make 35,000 decisions a day and I bet this is increased when we are travelling - so why waste this decision energy on these needless ones, when there will be far more important ones to make in the day. Steve Jobbs lived by this rule with turtle neck jumpers, circle rimmed glasses -it worked out pretty well for him (I'm not suggesting these items are important for travelling btw).

4. Mobility

Travelling obviously involves getting about alot, be it walking, taxi, bus, train, plane, husky sledging... Whatever your mode of transport, if you have 30kg across a suitcase and carry on bag, it is going to be harder than a 10kg pack.

5. Less stressful

If you're like me, one of my least favourite things is looking for stuff, especially in an abyss like suitcase! You also are never the ones waiting for your suitcase at the carousel of nightmares at an airport. With only cabin baggage you avoid both of these scenarios.

6. You buy less

Take less stuff means you buy less - simples!

Obviously it'd be nice to have a hair dryer, big soft towels and a selection of outfits for nights out but for me, the positives outweigh the negatives and just gives me something to look forward to when we go home.

Interested on how we did it? We've created our 'ULTIMATE Packing List' with the essential items we recommend. To get our list for free just subscribe to our blog

We started our journey in Rio, for hints and tips see our article

Thanks for reading!

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