9 essential travel gadgets

Gadgets are part and parcel of our world now (and if this is not the case, then hats off to you). Many of us can't live or work without them. Knowing what to take and what you will need can be a headache, so we've made a list of the items we've taken with us. Hope it helps!

#1 Worldwide Travel Adapter

A worldwide travel adapter with one plug port and 4 USB ports, makes this easy. Plus you save on space not having to take 4 different adapters and a 4-way extension lead to charge more than one item. Everything you need in one tiny little cube! Here’s the one we bought and hasn’t failed us yet.

#2 Battery pack

The one we got has 2 USB ports, so you can charge more than one item and also enough charge in it to charge a smartphone 6 times over. This one has been a brilliant bit of kit and got us out of trouble on more than one occasion.

#3 Hp Chromebook 11

Whether you’re working away or need to keep up with the latest Peaky Blinders (insert favourite TV show here). This laptop is small enough to take away but large enough to work on with 4 GB RAM 16 GB memory and about 10 hours of battery, as we’ve found. Everything is saved online as well, so you can access all your files from anywhere.

#4 Retractable Travel Mouse

If like Stu, the touchpad on laptops stresses you out then we’ve used this, to calm his nerves. Works really well too and is very small (fits in the Chromebook bag case).

#5 Hair and beard trimmer

Useful to have one device that does everything. You can detach the head on this and use any of the multi-head devices. Stu can’t grow a proper beard, so we’ve not had to take many with us but we guess for hairier individuals it would be very useful. Has about 1 hour of battery use.

#6 Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

We love multi purpose items and the fire is a great example. TV iPlayer, music player, book, web browser… the list goes on and it doesn't cost the earth - can get them for £50

#7 Anker Bluetooth speaker

We’ve taken this around with us, it’s light and compact but can fill a room with clear sound, offering great value for money.

#8 LED USB Torch

Although small, this torch is surprisingly bright and has different settings to manage the beam. Chagres through USB, so can hook it up to your travel plug and doesn’t need it’s own cable. As it’s LED the battery lasts super long too.

#9 Cheap Sports Watch

This Casio is a classic but still swear by it. It’s waterproof, easy to adjust, never runs out of battery, does not attract unwanted attention and doesn’t need wifi - we also think they’re kinda cool.

There it is our essentials electrical equipment. I hope you've found it useful. We'd appreciate any feedback directly to jcsgetfree2019@outlook.com

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