7 travel accessories

We pulled together some of our 'must have' items for travelling. 7 indispensable items to help you whilst you are backpacking. They don't take up much room either so... win-win.

#1 Microfibre towel

At most hostels bath towels are not included and there are very few areas where you can dry a regular towel. Also if you are putting a towel in a regular 55 litre pack, then you are not fitting much more in! A microfibre towel solves all these problems, we’ve used this one.

#2 Toiletry bag

There is plenty of choice with these bags but these ones have been great for us, especially trying to squeeze every last liquid container in!

#3 Inflatable pillow

If you value sleep as much as we do, then these are a must. A week on a flimsy hostel pillow can strain your neck, so we suggest one of these. We just clip it to the outside of our pack with our handy carabiners ;)

#4 Mosquito net

No explanation needed. These were the best quality and cheapest we could find. Comes in a handy packable bag as well. Obviously not necessary for all destinations. We use the Foreign Travel Advice service provided by the government which we recommend

#5 Sewing kit

You may think this is a strange one but if you find your exposing yourself to the world with no shops around, you’ll thank us and probably so will everyone else :) also useful for repairs to kit, bag straps, that kind of thing.

#6 Notebook and pen

Bit old school, but when there is no wifi or battery or you’re just tired of looking at a screen these come in handy - the pen especially for filling out visa forms - you’ll all of a sudden become the most popular person on the bus! Also doubles up as an excellent platform for games such as hangman, noughts and crosses or bird, animal...

#7 Foldable BPA free drinks bottles

We’ve found these really useful, as they take up no room in luggage but fold out to a decent size as a day drinking bottle. They’re also bpa free to keep out the nasties and can clip to your bag.

There it is our essential travel accessories. I hope you've found it useful.

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