6 items to protect your stuff!

Being safe and secure is important on the road, not only does it give you piece of mind (which sometimes is invaluable) but in the long run can save you money (and stress) in avoiding lost, damaged or stolen items.

Here are some items we use to keep our stuff safe.

#1 Money belt

When you are backpacking, it can be difficult to find items such as passports, spare credit cards, currency, your boarding pass or padlock in the abyss off your backpack. So having them in a pouch in front of you is an excellent solution. We bought these ones which are also water and RFID proof, further protecting important items.

#2 Padlock

This kind of goes without saying but every hostel gives you lockers but not a lock - so take combination lock (you can’t lose the key that way ;)). We used these, they’re strong and the cable fasten fits through most lock mechanisms. Also with it having a cable it will fit even those slightly worn, bent and out of line lockers.

#3 Dry bag (2L)

A great item for a day at the beach, swimming in the sea, paddleboarding or even that white water rafting excursion. These keep your kit bone dry, allowing you to attach it to you and keep it safe.

#4 LED USB Torch

Although small, this torch is surprisingly bright and has different settings to manage the beam. Chagres through USB, so can hook it up to your travel plug and doesn’t need it’s own cable. As it’s LED the battery lasts super long too.

#5 Waterproof bag cover

Again another lightweight item but really important when you’re travelling. Weather anywhere can change pretty quick and you don’t want to be caught travelling in the rain without one of these or you’ll get to your hostel with everything wet through. If your pack doesn’t have waterproof qualities, then get one of these.

#6 Shockproof phone case with debit card holder

We probably use this kit more than anything. It protects our phone which is probably our most used travel item and maybe even most expensive but it also has a ‘secret’ compartment at the back for credit cards. Obviously this is for an iphone but there a number of other similar items available for all series of iphone and android.

There it is our our recommendations for keeping you and your items safe and secure whilst travelling. I hope you've found it useful. We'd appreciate any feedback directly to jcsgetfree2019@outlook.com

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