Hi! We are Sarah and Stu (that is us in the picture).


In 2019 we decided to swap our '9 to 5' for two back packs and travel the world!


Our journey didn’t start when we stepped on the plane to Rio, it started a couple of years ago when Sarah had a ‘eureka’ moment and decided we should just do it! (read where it began)


We really enjoyed our jobs but we realised life was too short, so we sold our cars, most of our worldly possessions, rented our spare rooms and eventually our house and off we went!


Don’t get us wrong, it was a hard decision but it has been the best one we’ve ever made (well apart from getting married of course:))


It's not all rainbows and unicorns (we know) but we hope by sharing where we we are, what we’ve learnt, where we’ve been and what we’ve seen we can inspire others to take the leap. 


We’ve documented as much of our journey so far and will continue to do so, to hopefully help others to realise their own dreams.


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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy!


Stu and Sarah

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